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The Odiham War Memorial Project

The Odiham Society and the Royal British Legion are working together on a project to fully identify those named on our local War Memorial and to find more about their social and military history. The results of our research are being published in the Odiham Society Journal. Society members will have seen the first of these articles in the Spring 2011 edition.Odiham War Memorial

Over the years, the original Portland stone in which these names were engraved deteriorated considerably, mainly due to weathering and traffic pollution.  At the end of 1999, these commemorative tablets were replaced with sturdier, engraved granite, but unfortunately, not always with accurate details due to the inability to read some of the originals.  Most of those inscriptions gave forename initials and surname with regiment, unit or service, so correct identification is proving difficult in many cases.  Our project group[1], initially Sue Smith, Barbara Igra, Simon Lloyd and Christopher Wallace, are researching military and census records, obituaries in newspapers, etc., but are also hoping that local people and descendants of these servicemen and women who lost their lives in the two world wars can add to our knowledge and enable all of us to remember them as people to whom we owe so much.  Do have a look at the list below to see if you can help us identify those we have been unable to find to date.
 We hope that these names will stir memories and that you will get in touch with us with more background information about these men and women and their families.

If you can help, do contact me - sue.smith [at]  (please replace [at] with the @ symbol and remove spaces. (This has been done to avoid automated junk and spam email)

[1] Dr Sue Smith, Barbara Igra, Lt Col (Ret) Simon Lloyd and Lt Gen Sir Christopher Wallace KBE DL are members of the current project group.  The considerable research undertaken by Lt Col (Ret) Mike Reggler prior to the Odiham Society project must also be acknowledged here.

World War 1


Name and unit



ELLIOT ADAIR   L Cpl 2nd Bn., Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

9 June 1918, Persian Gulf

Son of Robert and Mary Adair, Chapel Cottages, North Warnborough

FREDERICK GEORGE ANDREWS – Officer’s Steward 1, RN, HMS Bulwark

26 November 1914, explosion on board HMS Bulwark

Son of William and Mary Andrews, Cemetery Hill, Odiham

SYDNEY WALTER BAKER – Sgt, 2ndBn., Hampshire Regiment

7 January 1916, Gallipoli

Son of Richard and Mary Baker, Butler’s Cottage, North Warnborough

REGINALD BECKINGHAM – Pte (Bandsman), 1st/4th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

25 September 1916, Quetta, India

Youngest son of Benjamin and Sarah Beckingham, King Street, Odiham

EDWARD BENWELL – Cpl 5th Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry

15 September 1916, Somme

Son of William and Sylvia Benwell, North Warnborough.  Husband of Rose and father of Daisy Mildred and Doris Irene (in 1911)

ARTHUR BINSTEAD – L Cpl 13th Bn., Royal Sussex Regiment

26 September 1917, Ypres/Passchendaele

Son of Walter and Sarah Binstead, Church Street, Odiham

JAMES BIRD – Pte 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

3 July 1916, Somme

Son of James and Annie Bird, Lothams, Hillside, Odiham

GEORGE BLAKE – Pte 1st Bn., Hampshire Regiment

1 July 1916, Somme

Son of Henry and Alice Blake, Horsedown Common (1911) and Park Corner (1916), Odiham.

HENRY JAMES (HARRY) BLAKE – Pte 2nd Bn., Dorsetshire Regiment

13 September 1916, Iraq

Son of Henry and Alice Blake, Horsedown Common (1911) and Park Corner (1916), Odiham.

WILLIAM BLAKE – Pte 1st/5th Bn., Gloucestershire Regiment

15 August 1916, Somme

Son of Henry and Alice Blake, Horsedown Common (1911) and Park Corner (1916), Odiham.

ERNEST ALBERT (ALBERT) BOND – A/Cpl 1st Bn., Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire Regiment) – A Bond on original memorial tablets.

24 October 1918, France and Flanders

Son of George and Clara Bond of Basingstoke.  Husband of Maud Beatrice, nιe Oliver.  Odiham connection appears to be via Maud, who lived with George and Mary Reddings in North Warnborough in 1901.  Is this the right person?

ALBERT EDWARD BONE – Pte 8th Bn., Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire Regiment)

30 December 1916, Somme

Son of Robert and Lavinia (Elizabeth) Bone, West Street, Odiham.  Older brother of Ernest.

ARTHUR BONE – Pte 1st/4th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

24 February 1917, Iraq

Son of Reuben and Emma Bone, Swing Bridge, North Warnborough

ERNEST DOUGLAS BONE – Pte 2ndBn., Royal Irish Regiment

22 March 1918, Somme

Son of Robert and Lavinia (Elizabeth) Bone of West Street, Odiham. Husband of Annie and father  of Esther, Robert and Alfred, living at Broad Oak, Odiham in 1911

HENRY GEORGE BRACKNELL - Pte 3rd Bn., Canadian Infantry (Central
Ontario Regiment)

13 June 1916, Ypres

Son of Jane Bracknell, formerly of Odiham and the late Frank Bracknell. Henry was born in North Warnborough.

CHARLES BRYER – Pte 2nd/5th Bn., Gloucestershire Regiment

11 August 1918, Flanders

C Briar on original list.  Charles Bryer enlisted at Hartley Wintney, but was born and lived in Popham.  Do you know the Odiham connection?

WILLIAM HENRY (HARRY) BROWN – L/Cpl 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

12 June 1915 – Gallipoli

Husband of Bessie and father of one child. Had been chauffeur to Captain Petre at one time.

FRANK BUTLER – Pte 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

29 June 1915 - Gallipoli

Son of Sarah Butler, The Bury, Odiham.  Husband of Kate Annie Goodall (remarried, lived at Mildmay Terrace, Hartley Wintney).

ALBERT CARTER – Pte 8th (Service) Bn., Devonshire Regiment

5 January 1917 – France

Son of John and Clara Carter, Up Street, North Warnborough?

ALFRED JAMES CLARK – Pte Army Service Corps, Labour Corps

19 May 1918, France

Possibly son of Joseph and Elizabeth Clark of Bartley Heath, Odiham. Husband to Ellen and father of Nellie, Kathleen, Alfred and John in Up Nateley in 1911?

WILLIAM CLARK – Master at Arms, RN, HMS Hampshire

5 June 1916 – HMS Hampshire, lost at sea as a direct result of enemy action

Son of Joe and Emily/Elizabeth? Clarke, Bartley Heath, Odiham.  Husband of Rose Jane and father of Wilhelmina Maud and Reginald George, all in Portsmouth in 1911.

HARRY GEORGE CLINKER – Pte 23rdBn., Machine Gun Corps (Inf)

28 October 1918, Italy

Son of Samuel Henry and Marie Madeline Clinker, High Street, Odiham

ALBERT CROCKER – Cpl 6th Bn., The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

30 June 1918, Somme

Son of John and Jane Crocker, Cemetery Hill, Odiham.  Husband to Mabel , nιe Wiltshire, of Overton.

GEORGE DRAPER – Gunner 115th Bty., Royal Field Artillery

1 November 1917, France

Youngest son of David and Margaret Draper, West Street, Odiham

THOMAS EADES – Pte 14th (Service) Bn., Hampshire Regiment

31 July 1917, France and Flanders

Born in Elvetham to Thomas and Mary Eades.  Father of Kathleen Joyce, born in Odiham in 1917.

JESSE FERGUSON – Pte 3rd Motor Amb. Convoy, Army Service Corps

29 May 1917, France

Son of and Lucy Porter, formerly Ferguson, Alton Road, Odiham and the late Edmund Ferguson.  Husband of Edith living in S. Godstone in 1911.

(ALFRED) CHARLES FULBROOK – Pte 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

28 April 1915, Gallipoli

Youngest son of John and Ann Fulbrook, Broad Oak, Odiham.   

STANLEY (JACK) FULLBROOK – Pte 1stBn., Hampshire Regiment

11 May 1915, France

Grandson of Mary Fullbrook, Whitehall, Odiham

WALTER JAMES (JIM) FULBROOK – CSM 1st/4th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

3 November 1916, Iraq

Son of Mrs R Fulbrook , Broad Oak, Odiham.  Grandson of Jane Fulbrook, Broad Oak, Odiham

WILLIAM FUTCHER – Sgt 1st (Royal) Dragoons

12 January 1916, France

Son of Fred and Louisa Futcher of North Warnborough.  Husband of Lydia Maria Wright (formerly Futcher) of Reading.

WILLIAM H GIBBS – Pte 3rd Bn., Coldstream Guards

18 January 1918, France

Grandson of Sarah Sherfield, Broak Oak, Odiham.  Son of Anne Gibbs, Broad Oak, Odiham



Not yet identified.  Can you help?

GEOFFREY HARRIS GOTELEE – Capt 7thBn. South Wales Borderers

18 September 1918, Salonica

Son of Arthur and Esther F Gotelee, The Old House, Odiham

GERALD PERCY GREY – Sto. 1st RN, HMS Good Hope

1 November 1914, Battle of Coronel

Son of Stephen and Esther Grey, Broad Oak, Odiham

RICHARD E H HEALEY – Lt Adjt.1st Bn., Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)

22 July 1916, Somme

Son of Randolph E and Alice M Healey, Hownam Lodge, Odiham

GUY WILLIAM HILL – Pte 12th (West Somerset Yeomanry) Bn., Somerset Light Infantry

21 October 1918, Flanders

Son of Frederick and Rosa Hill, North Warnborough

HARRY KERSLEY – Pte 11th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

11 May 1916, France

Son of Charlotte Kersley, North Warnborough

WILLIAM KERSLEY – L/Cpl 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

12 October 1916, Somme

Son of William and Lucy Kersley, North Warnborough. Husband of Elizabeth (Hutchings).  Two children.

JOHN McAVOY – Pte 1st Bn., Hampshire Regiment

1 November 1914, France and Flanders

Grandson of James and Eliza Wooldridge of Potbridge. 

ALBERT EDWARD MOODY – Sgt 1stBn., Border Regiment

17 August 1917, France and Flanders

Son of Charles George and Ellen Moody, Church Street, Odiham

REGINALD JAMES MOODY – Flt Sgt 8th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps

4 March 1917, France

Son of Charles George and Ellen Moody, Church Street, Odiham

AMBROSE GEORGE OFFER – Pte 1st/4th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

8 January 1916, Bombay

Son of George Offer and Keturah Keel (formerly Offer) of King Street, Odiham

CHARLES PAYNE – Air Mechanic 2ndClass, 72 Sqdn., Royal Air Force

2 October 1918, Iran

Son of Henry and Ada Payne of North Warnborough.

ROGER EDWARD PEEL – L/Cpl 1st/4thBn., Hampshire Regiment

21 May 1916, Iraq

Son of the late George Edward Peel and Mary.  Sister of Gladys M Bellamy of High Wycombe.  Bank Clerk at Lloyds Bank, Odiham before the war.

ARTHUR HENRY PITHER – Pte 8th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)

25 May 1915, France

Son of Stephen and Sophia Pither, North Warnborough.

EDWARD JAMES PITHER – Pte 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

23 December 1916, France

Husband of Matilda.  Son of Stephen and Sophia Pither, North Warnborough.

CHARLES PORTER – L/Cpl 50th Bn., Machine Gun Corps (Inf)

6 June 1918, France

Son of Arthur and Lynnie Porter, The Bury, Odiham

FREDERICK PORTER – Pte 1st Bn., Hampshire Regiment

26 August 1914, France

Son of William Richard and Rebecca Porter, Flaxfield Road, Basingstoke, formerly of Potbridge, Odiham. 

FREDERICK JAMES PORTER – Pte 1st/4th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

21 July 1916, Iraq

Son of James and Kate Porter, Wilks Water, Odiham

GEORGE EZRA PORTER – Sgt Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort’s Own)

24 October 1916. Somme

Son of Arthur and Lynnie Porter, The Bury, Odiham

GEORGE POTTER – Battery Sgt Major (WOII) 190th Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery

29 April 1918, France and Flanders

Husband of Louisa Potter, King Street, Odiham.  Father of Francis William (1911).  Son of Francis and Sarah Potter of Holme, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

THOMAS REDDING – Pte 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

6 August 1915, Gallipoli

Husband of Emma Redding, 21 Council Houses, North Warnborough.  Son of Annie Redding. 

ALBERT GEORGE SAINSBURY – Pte “B” Coy.  2nd/4th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

4 December 1917, Israel

Son of William and Eliza Sainsbury, The Bury, Odiham

ARTHUR LEWIS SAINSBURY – Rifleman 9th Bn., Rifle Brigade

15 September 1916, Somme

Son of William and Eliza Sainsbury, The Bury, Odiham


26 November 1914, explosion on board HMS Bulwark

Son of Philip Lutley and Jane Ann Eliza Sclater, The Priory, Odiham.  Husband of Muriel Sclater, The Close, Odiham.

GEORGE SILVER – Pte 2nd Bn., Worcestershire Regiment

21 May 1917, France

Thought to be Samuel George, son of Mary Silver (widow), The Bury, Odiham. 

JAMES STAPLES – Pte 15th Bn., Hampshire Regiment

7 June 1917, Ypres

Son of Jane Staples, Cemetery Hill, Odiham.

CHARLES JOHN STOCKER – L/Cpl 14thBn., Hampshire Regiment

17 October 1917, Ypres

Son of the late Charles and Sarah Stocker, Basingstoke.  Husband of Florence (nee Adams), Vicarage Road, Alton.  Odiham connection not known.

WILLIAM VARNDELL – Pte 14th(Service)  Bn., Hampshire Regiment

2 June 1917, Ypres

Son of the late John and Caroline Varndell, Lower Preshaw.  Husband of Annie and father of George in Gosport in 1911.  Possible Odiham connection – Charles Varndell, baker and grocer in North Warnborough in 1911.

STANLEY WATTS – Pte 8th Bn., Princess Charlotte of Wales’s Regiment (Royal Berkshire Regiment)

2 September 1918, France

Son of George and Maude Watts, Farnham Road, Odiham. 

WALTER WATTS – Pte 2nd Bn., South Lancashire Regiment

12 April 1918, Flanders

Son of James and Patience Watts, Chalk Pit, Odiham.

WALTER JAMES WHITE – Pte 2nd Bn., Duke of Edinburgh’s (Wiltshire Regiment)

9 April 1917, Battle of Arras, France

Grandson of George and Mary White, grocers and coal merchant; nephew of AJ White, coal merchant of North Warnborough.   Husband of Gertrude L Futcher (married 1915)?  One child.

ANTHONY PEERE WILLIAMS -FREEMAN – Capt Lincolnshire Regiment (att Royal Welsh Fusiliers)

5 April 1916, Mesopotamia

Son of Lavinia Williams-Freeman, living in N. Warnborough in 1916 and the late Capt. GP Williams-Freeman, Chief Constable of Shropshire.

PHILIP WILLIS – Pte 53rd Bn., Devonshire Regiment

25 January 1918, Tidworth Military Hospital

Son of Levi and Sarah Willis, The Cottage, Broad Oak, Odiham.

FREDERICK CHARLES WOOLFORD – Driver 117th Bty., 26th Bde., Royal Field Artillery

23 September 1914, France

Son of George and Annie Woolford, North Warnborough.  Brother of Mabel Knight of Itchen, Southampton.

WILLIAM GEORGE (k/a George) WOOLDRIDGE- Air Mechanic 1st Class, 5th Sqn Royal Flying Corps

9 November 1914, St Omer, France

Son of David and Martha Wooldridge, Broad Oak, Odiham

WILLIAM ALBERT WRIGHT – Sgt 2ndBn., Royal Fusiliers

3 December 1917, Cambrai, France

Husband of Annie Eliza Wright, Colt Hill, Odiham.  Father of William Henry, Cecil Albert and two other siblings.  Son of Henry and Ann Wright of Winchfield.

World War 1 – Civilian casualties

MARY (DAFFODIL) BROOKS - VAD Tylney Hall Military Hospital and Littlemoor Camp, near Weymouth

6 March 1917, Dorchester

Daughter of James L and Mary Brooks, High Street, Odiham

ELLEN SCARROTT  Munitions Worker, Newnham

27 October 1917, Odiham Cottage Hospital

Daughter of the late Joseph Scarrott and Hannah (k/a Annie) Adair of North Warnborough.


World War 2


DAVID MURRAY BARBOUR – Pilot Officer, 4 Sqn. Royal Air Force

14 May 1940

Son of Lt Col Kenneth and Mrs Margaret Murray Barbour, formerly of Clump House, The Firs, Odiham

SYDNEY BENWELL – Gunner, Royal Artillery

17 July 1944, North Africa?

Parents living near Swan Bridge, North Warnborough?

HENRY JAMES BROOKS – Lt Col 1st/4thBn., Hampshire Regiment

15 June 1943, Odiham

Solicitors, Odiham

ERNEST LESLIE CANE - Pte 11th Royal Militia Island of Jersey Bn., Hampshire Regiment

27 September 1944, Netherlands

Son of Albert G and Ethel Cane; husband of Edith Mary of Wymering, Hampshire, but previously of Cemetery Hill, Odiham.

GORDON WILLIAM COX – Sgt W.Op./Air Gnr. 13 Sqn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

26 June 1942, Belgium

Son of John H and Janet M Cox, Odiham.

CYRIL GORDON CRUMPLIN – Cpl Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

23 July 1945

Husband of Josephine and son of Mr and Mrs G Crumplin of North Warnborough.

PETER CHARLES GREGORY – Pte 1stBn., Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment

12 April 1944, Italy

Son of William Henry and Florrane Annie Gregory of North Warnborough

EDGAR HAROLD – Gunner, 78 Bty., 35 Lt. A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery

12 February 1943, Japan

Husband of Gertrude, nee Mileham. Lived in North Warnborough.  Born to George and Mary Harold in Diss, Norfolk.

ALBERT STEPHEN KERSLEY – Marine, HMS Hood, Royal Marines

24 May 1941

Son of Joseph A and Annie Kersley, nee Tarrant, of Odiham

JOSEPH EDWARD KERSLEY – Pte 1stBn., The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)

13 April 1945, Italy

Son of Joseph A and Annie Kersley, nee Tarrant, of Odiham.  Husband of Dorothy (nee Ilsley)

JAMES ARTHUR KIMBER – Gunner Royal Artillery

26 February 1941

Lived in Salmons Road, Odiham with wife and two sons

FREDERICK GEORGE MUSSELLE – Lance Sgt 5th Bn., Wiltshire Regiment

10 July 1944, Normandy, France

Son of Frederick and Ellen Musselle of Odiham.

KATHLEEN MARY LEWIS (nee STENT) – Aircraftwoman 1st Class, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

15 June 1943, England (death registered in Northumberland)

Daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann (nee Marlow) Stent of Odiham.  Wife of Harold E Lewis.

CHARLES WAGSTAFF – Warrant Off. Navigation/Bomber Command, Royal Air Force

8 March 1945

Son of Alfred Daniel and Florence Wagstaff.  Husband of Gladys May (nee White) of Basingstoke.

RONALD EDWIN THOMAS WEST – Pte 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

9 April 1943, North Africa

Son of William H T and Alice R E (nee Roud) West of Odiham.  Husband of Mary (nee Macdonald) of Odiham.

World War 2 – Civilian casualties


18 October 1940, Church Street, Odiham

Lived at Heath Cottage, Church Street, Odiham.  Widow of John William Bloomfield.  Daughter of James F and Susannah Athfield.


18 October 1940, High Street, Odiham

Lived at The Anchor Inn, North Warnborough.  Widow of Henry Carter.


18 October 1940, High Street, Odiham

Lived at High Street, Odiham.  Wife of Albert Edward Hamilton.


18 October 1940, High Street, Odiham

Lived at 25  Salmons Road, Odiham. Widow of Manfield Stokes. 


23 October 1940, Park Prewett Hospital, Sherborne St John.

DIed of injuries received in air raid on Odiham, where he was a visitor.  Lived in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

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