The Odiham Society
Established 1978                                                                           Registered Charity No. 277285

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Our Mission (why we exist)

To preserve To protect To promote

To preserve all that is worth conserving throughout the Parish of Odiham, including its physical surroundings, its aesthetic appearance and its sense of social community, for the public benefit.
To protect our environment from all who would undermine it.
To promote the ideals of conservation, both locally and nationally.

Our Vision (our goal)

To help maintain and improve the Parish of Odiham as a great place to live.

Our Values (how we operate)

Impartial independent of all other organisations, individuals and groups.
Inclusive welcoming all who support our aims.
Ethical functioning transparently and democratically.
Positive welcoming any initiatives that improve our environment.
Co-operative working with anyone whose purposes are complementary to ours.
Supporting responsible business - recognising that thriving economic activity is one of the essential. bedrocks of a healthy community.


To preserve:
We encourage high standards of planning and design throughout the Parish.
We look after the Pest House (on behalf of Odiham Consolidated Charities).
We collaborate with other like-minded individuals and entities.

To protect:
We monitor planning applications and comment on them where appropriate.
We make representations at District and Parish Council meetings and Public Enquiries.
We recommend the Listing and/or protection of suitable buildings.
We manage the dendrodating of buildings within the Odiham conservation area.

To promote:
We publish the Odiham Society Journal twice a year.
We produce a membership newsletter two or three times a year.
We take part in local events.
We organise a speaker programme of at least six meetings a year.
We arrange guided visits.
We organise membership social evenings as part of our concern for community values.

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